Focused on

We offer a range of bespoke services optimized to produce the best results for our clients, while providing extremely cost-effective solutions. Our services are available either à la carte or packaged together to offer a well-rounded and holistic solution that will maximize efficiencies and sales.

Market research

We dig deep and perform a comprehensive market research strategy that informs every other facet of our total sales strategy. By developing an intimate understanding of target markets, community preferences and potential competition, we can draft a fully informed marketing and sales strategy that maximizes your return on your project budget.

Pre-sale strategies

It’s been proven time and again that a targeted and efficient pre-sale strategy can help you really hit the ground running. Our services include developing a comprehensive pre-sale advertising program (digital, traditional and word-of-mouth), coordinating realtor, broker and VIP registrant preview events, advising on an optimized presentation centre footprint and gathering pre-sale feedback to help inform final floorplans, siteplans and condominium amenities. Through our emphasis on pre-sale marketing, your units sell faster and you can meet the threshold target for construction financing sooner.

Broker outreach

Our exclusive broker network offers a turnkey solution to meeting and exceeding pre-sale targets. Our collaborative approach starts at the pre-construction phase, coordinating with brokers and staff to execute VIP events that establish a foundation for success. Beyond the pre-sale, we continue to collaborate with the broker community to ensure their continued support in getting deals done.

International investor outreach

We have an established network of international investors with a proven history of sales interest. In collaboration with Stone Castle partners in other corners of the globe, we can arrange overseas broker events and purchaser seminars that speak the language of success.

Architecture and design consultation

We have an intimate understanding of the home designs that inspire today’s homebuyers and investors. We’re here to consult on site plans, architecture and design, condominium community amenities and more to help you develop a value-driven project that simply sells.

Brand development

We know what your target markets are thinking before they do. We incorporate our intimate understanding of the local demographics and psychographics to develop a community brand that resonates with purchasers and investors while helping you stand out from the competition. Our services include developing your product positioning, community theme, imagery, marketing materials and presentation centre design.

Sales and marketing

Leave the heavy lifting to us. Our end-to-end sales and marketing programs are designed to take the weight off your shoulders throughout the project lifecycle. We will create and manage your project advertising campaigns until every last unit is sold, coordinate with local and international realtors and brokers, host and manage pre-sale events and work tirelessly with the presentation centre sales teams to give them the tools to sell well. We will also meet with you weekly so you’re continuously aware of project status, sales milestones and more. If preferred, we also have the ability to collaborate and guide your in-house marketing teams, providing priceless strategic direction and mentoring to help your teams get stronger

Presentation centre design

Your presentation centre is where the public and project meet. An effective presentation centre design can help convert shoppers into sales. We’ll coordinate with your design team to develop a presentation centre layout that informs and inspires, supported by the latest digital technologies. Given that the world is ever-changing and sales tactics have had to adapt on the fly, we can incorporate the latest digital sales techniques to make the selling experience more comfortable for your buyers.